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The world is filled with a boundless amount of academic facts and lessons. With a myriad of facts, as much learning time is needed. Full day kindergarten has children starting to learn earlier and for a longer period of time. A growing trend around the world, full day kindergarten is becoming more common within the school system. The question is, should Alberta implement full day kindergarten and what benefits and challenges does it have? Kindergarten in Alberta is not mandatory, but almost 95% of Albertan children attend kindergarten classes. In 2003 Alberta’s Commission on learning recommended that Alberta implant full day kindergarten. (The Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2010) Unlike half day kindergarten, full day students are granted with…show more content…
Approximately 60% of mothers who have children in kindergarten work outside of their home. Full day kindergarten would provide programs that would accommodate to the average families and child care needs. Society will benefit from students in full time kindergarten because it feeds knowledge for the workers of the future. A full time classes from follows the same academic calendar as other grades. making it easier for families with children in other grades (Pitch, & Edwards, p. 2). As well, low income families tend to see a delay in child development and learning. Poverty is known to cause troubles in early development and academic learning in children. A study in 2014 showed that students of low income in full day kindergarten benefit greatly. Full day kindergarten works on compensating these changes at an early age. If these challenges are atoned then it benefits the children in the long term (Recommendation for Full-Day Kindergarten for Children of Low-Income and Racial/Ethnic-Minority Families, 2014, p.324). Full day kindergarten has beneficial effects on both the children and the…show more content…
They see no benefits for the children, and see money being wasted. With full day kindergarten, more staff are required to care for the children. As well more materials and special equipment will be needed for the class room. These aspects of full day kindergarten do cost more money, however full day kindergarten is very beneficial and worth the costs. Although a growing tread, full day kindergarten is still being underfunded. A Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives said that there was a $15 million shortage of funds for Toronto District School Board. People that argue again full day kindergarten say that Ontario’s full day learning program, a 5 year plan, has the government spending $1.45 billion to expand and retrofit school. Not including the millions of dollars it takes to run the schools. It averages out to cost the province of Ontario $2,066.97 per child in full time day care. However, Ontario has seen and continues to see the benefits of full day kindergarten (Beaty, 2015). During the 2011 PC race in Alberta, Redford stated that we should impact fluidly kindergarten, which would cost the province an estimated $200 million. (Howell, 2014) However, the people that are against full day kindergarten and who worry about the money it costs may not see the benefits of the children. The government will have to put money into the education system, but from this cost society gets children that

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