Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech Social media has taken us ages ahead when it comes to freedom of speech, and the internet has given more networks through which individuals can connect their ideas and feelings. Society can blog about government, post videos about topics we feel strongly about, and with the ability to get things off our chests through places like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, who makes the call about what is suitable and is pushing the limits of freedom of speech too far? Freedom to speak is “without restriction or limitation.” Still, this does not mean that individuals was allowed to go around saying anything they want about whomever or whenever they want. There are firm limitations. For example, it is illegal to commit insults, telling lies to upset others, or to say or do something with the purpose of hurting others. However, the link between right or wrong is unclear when it comes to freedom of speech, leaving a lot of questioning and debate in this area. Cox 2 I am all for freedom of speech but there are cases where people go too far with this right. Individuals, who go over board and threaten a life, should not have the right of freedom of speech. If anyone bullies,…show more content…
Some of these things included using freedom of speech to discriminate, stating malicious details to the community and it can support riots that will effect disaster to a town. I think that freedom of speech should be limited to protect people from harm. Freedom of speech can be used as a means to discriminate individuals without concerns (Laidlaw). Uncertainty freedom of speech is not restricted and everyone can express or say what they want or desire, some individuals pass out pamphlets discriminating against gay people or a