Persuasive Essay On Food Protection

If you really have to shop for a lot of animal products during the holidays, instead of two people helping, get as many people as you can. For example, for the last holiday, Christmas of 2004, I had my two grandchildren, sixteen and seventeen years old; my niece, thirteen years old; my son and my daughter. Both adults added to my husband shopping with me and for me. I was in charge of poultry, stuffing, meats, sauces, gravy, macaroni and cheese, etc. My grandson and granddaughter had a shopping cart and their own list. They were in charge of cereals, milk, butter, cheese, creams, and cold cuts. My husband and my niece had another shopping cart and their list. They were in charge of vegetables and grains, such as rice, barley and dry beans.…show more content…
The foods themselves can tell you, by the look, aroma, taste, texture, and color, if they have been in a place for too long or not long enough, whether is in the stove or pot or oven, or cooling off on the countertop or table, or in the refrigerator or the freezer. Also, you will know. All you have to do is be alert, familiarize yourself with foods, pick up clues, investigate, experiment, gain experience, and be interested. Let us talk about the time that we should spend doing almost everything about food protection. The time to shop at the supermarket for food the correct way—which is reading the labels and looking for the right color, texture, consistency, smell, sound, approval seals or stamps, amount of chemicals, nutrient, facts—to transport the food home, and to prepare it, cook it and serve it on the table is only two hours. Don’t forget that some foods take one and one half hours to be cooked properly (e.g. poultry). The time in which to bring your animal products to the register is ten to fifteen…show more content…
If you have to take more time than the above, grab a pack or two of ice cubes and place them on top of your animal products, which should go together. If you have to go far away to buy your animal products for saving money, bring a thermos with you so that your ice doesn’t melt. Poultry should be cooked in one to one and half hours, if you cook small parts. If you cook a whole chicken and turkey, follow the instructions on the package, which usually go by pound per hour— a whole turkey bakes at 350 °F at four pounds per hour. For example, a twenty-pound whole turkey will take five hours to cook; if stuffing is in it, six hours. One extra hour will be for the stuffing to cook inside of the bird. A whole two-pound stuffed chicken will take two hours to cook. Pork, lamb, and goat should be cooked in forty-five minutes to one hour, depending on how thick the meat is and how big the pieces are. That means it can take longer; you just have to watch for the color of the inside of the meat to see if it still pink or

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