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Flyfishing for trout isn’t a complicated, difficult sport. A close look reveals that a successful flyfisherman has mastered several basic abilities: casting smoothly and accurately, knowing how to select a fly that trout will eat on a given day, presenting a fly in a manner that is enticing to trout, and fighting and landing hooked fish. It’s all about problem solving, one step at a time. The following 10 pointers will help you execute those key elements of flyfishing, whether you’ve just gotten your first fly rod or you’re an experienced angler who wants to become even better


1| Point Your Shots

It’s axiomatic that the fly line, and thus the fly, follows the rod tip. Taking that one step further, the rod tip follows the thumb, which is the strongest digit and the one most anglers place on top of the grip for power and direction. Lee Wulff used to cast with his index finger on top, because he felt it gave him better control. He was an exception to the rule. No matter. As long as you keep your thumb—or index finger—pointed at the target, your cast will go where you want it to.

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We were working a seam where fast water, colliding with a slow pool, was creating a foamy bubble line. At times, that bubble line would disperse and spread out in wide fronds of white, wispy water. At other times, the currents converged and collected hatching insects in a tight, white highway that ran straight through the run. Until Pete pointed it out, I hadn’t noticed that the fish were keyed into this system. When the currents dispersed or collapsed, the fish didn’t rise. When the foam line formed a hard seam and collected those mayflies, the trout began slurping away at the surface. The lesson? Follow the bubble line. When you see a foam or bubble line on the surface, there’s a good chance that feeding trout will be underneath

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