Persuasive Essay On Firefighting

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Firefighting Imagine you are asleep and it is a normal night just like any other, when all of a sudden you smell smoke from your bedroom. Immediately, you open your door and you cannot see anything due to the heavy layer of smoke. Your first reaction is to call the fire department and within minutes, they show up at your house. Some firefighters start battling the flames engulfing your house, while others rush into the flames searching for you and anyone else in your family, including your pets. This is just another day at the office for the firefighters but for you it’s a traumatic event and you can’t thank the firefighters enough for saving your life. Historically, firefighters have been are our modern day first responders and are the most courageous and loyal people in today’s society. One issue buzzing around the media, however, is that fire departments are going over budget extinguishing wildfires. The definition of a wildfire is a large destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush. To put out any sort of fire, you need to take away any of the three components that fuel it, which include heat, oxygen, and fuel. What most civilians do not know is that most wildfires do have the potential to extinguish themselves, which saves money, health risks and resources. So why are firefighters still spending money to put wildfires out? Due to the overspending on limited natural resources and taxpayer’s money, the fire service should alter their approach on extinguishing naturally started fires, or wildfires. Most people don’t know that Benjamin Franklin was the one that first came up with the idea of a fire department. He saw that the techniques, at the time, for fighting fires were very ineffective and proposed a n... ... middle of paper ... ... decreasing the staff on duty, the more at risk firefighters are for being overworked. Another point to include is that firefighters may need the extra resources if the fire grows out of hand and the firefighters need to quickly put out the fire. All in all, the fire service could change a couple protocols to help save money, lives and natural resources but is it worth the risk to experiment and be unprepared? Through the course of my studies I have gained a lot of knowledge and background of what firefighters go through, along with what could be done to decrease the chance of fire departments going over budget. Letting wildfires extinguish themselves looks good written down on paper but unfortunately it gets increasingly more complicated. However, the fire service should look into better tactics for extinguishing wildfires in order to stay within their budget.

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