Persuasive Essay On Feminism

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“If you stand for equality, than you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you.” This quote from Emma Watson calls out the misconceptions around feminism. Emma Watson has used her fame from Harry Potter to speak out about feminist issues. She stresses the importance of equal rights among all genders. Despite the negative connotation associated with feminism in today’s society, men are able to, and should be proud to be a feminist. Feminism is a debate of gender equality, not masculinity.
Feminism is known to have started in the United States in waves. The first wave was between 1948 and the late 1920. Its focused on women’s right to vote, right to own property, and having custody over their children after a divorce. This was also the time when birth
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One of the biggest ones is that women believe they are superior and they dislike men. Feminism is against gender stereotypes, so the hatred of men would be going against their mission. Feminists, however, do realize that men have a certain privilege. A privilege that, when used well, can help those who are most harmed in society. The movement is not saying that women or other oppressed groups are better, just that they should be as good as men. Based off of women's economic standpoint, their higher risk of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and the denial of basic human rights in some places proves that women are not yet seen as equal to men. The newest feminist wave is actually promoting intersectional feminism, which is the theory that looks at all aspects of humanity impact discrimination. This term covers race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation along with…show more content…
It’s no secret that men still dominate society. We cannot escape the patriarchy unless the men are working on equalities behalf. When a man speaks of gender equality, it is taking more seriously than when a female talks about it. Some people see females striving for equality as selfish. They think women only care about getting ahead of the men. Male spokesmen for feminism reaches a wider audience and show that feminism is for the benefit of everyone. Men can also help but refraiming from sexist and judgmental comments about women. Each negative comment by a man is one step backwards in feminism’s journey. In order to move forward, men need to listen to what women have to say about their oppression and educate themselves. Research can give a newfound appreciation for the cause and can even point out things that are offensive that someone did not know was. Sharing this information with male friends will spread awareness and propel the movement
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