Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Usually when a patient or a sick person asks for euthanasia it is because of the intolerable pain. It is horrible to see a person in pain, especially when it is your family member. Study from 1997 by Lynn et al. showed us that 40% of sick people experience intolerable pain during last three days of their life. In 2001 Weiss, Emanuel, Fairclough and Emanuel interviewed 998 terminally ill patients and conclude that patients with cancer have the same or similar pain like patients with terminally diseases ( Ho and Chantagul). Everybody has the right to relive pain with proper pain killers prescribed by doctor. If the patient are under the pain and they are taking pain medicine, then they should change the doctor (Nordqvist). Organ donation list in the World is running longer and longer. Many people are waiting for transplantation or to have a donor match. For patients who are in…show more content…
It can pretty rough being dependent on somebody. Most of the elderly people depend on their children, like a baby depends on his or her parents. Patients who are in the comatose condition with brain damage and in PVC (persistent vegetative state) are not consider terminally ill. In U.S, there are about 14,000 patients in PVC state. These kinds of patients open their eyes and have muscle spasms. They do not respond to any kind of stimulations. The authors said, “It is cruel and wasteful, to keep PVC patients bodies alive when they have no discernible quantity of life” (Roberts, Gorman 26). In the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legal, journal of medicine published a research performed by four individuals about euthanasia. People who were asked about euthanasia were in their 60’s and they have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. These patients did not want to get dependant o their family members and also to lose their dignity. That way they are requesting for euthanasia (Burnell

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