Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Do we have a right to die? Certainly we have the right to live and to stay alive as long as possible, but at what point, if any, do we get to decide to stop living. As technology advances and people continue to live longer, as rational human beings can we decide when man becomes too much machine and declare to the world that life is no longer living? These questions and many others have taken center stage in the somewhat recent debate of assisted suicide. When medical personnel like Doctor Kevorkian decide to evade the law and take this practice into their own hands, judges will soon have to vote on whether someone has the right to end their own life. Following my own set of morals and taking a look at the issue at hand, I see no valid…show more content…
It is my belief that assisted suicide and euthanasia (both passive and active) is morally ok. My main reason for thinking so stems from the idea that people should be allowed to make choices about their own life when it doesn’t affect anyone else. To me, dying is a very personal, one-sided ordeal that doesn’t involve other people as much as they think it does. People like to make themselves apart of other people’s deaths and to me that seems very selfish. Sure you have to deal with losing this person, but people become so focused on what they are losing and completely ignore the fact that the person dying is dealing with what is considered the biggest mystery on Earth. When someone decides that their life is no longer worth living, we shouldn’t come at them with guilt and anger. In the case of a terminal illness or a disease with persistent, unending pain, the patient has the right to decide when enough is enough. We do not get to tell them that they have to continue living in pain because it doesn’t rest easy with our conscience; instead, we help them ascend from this life with as little difficulty as possible and know that our loved one is no longer…show more content…
When someone is in pain and has decided enough is enough, they have the right to make that stop. Assisted suicide and euthanasia has been blown out of proportion and demonized by people who are not in a situation dire enough to have to consider it. If someone wants to fight until the very end let them, but that does not mean the people who no longer wishes to fight has to live. Morally speaking, helping someone end their own life is permissible, and should be legalized across the
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