Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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It is Your Death, Your Choice Your right as a competent ill patient who is trying to avoid excruciating pain so you can embrace a timely and dignified death, will continue to be denied. It bears the sanction for some time now and is unspoken in the concept of ordered liberty. Why let the government or any human being continue to choose when you can or cannot end your own life? Another year has passed. The legalization of euthanasia is slowly trying to spreading through the United States. Legalizing euthanasia will free a patient from pain, a low quality life, an incurable disease, and financial debt along with depression. We all have to die someday. Sadly, some become terminally ill and the pain is unbearable. With euthanasia being legal you…show more content…
If euthanasia were legal many will have the right to end their low quality life. The thought of not being able to stand, eat the foods you desire or being able to feel the touch of a love is nerve wrecking. How do you sleep at night knowing that you or your family member have to rely on someone to bath you, feed you, and turn you over every two hours? Think about the nosocomial infections that can be transferred to you from a poorly trained worker in the hospital. Let alone the outer appearance of that Miss America face or jock of the school body from chemotherapy tearing you apart. Everyone protesting taking a life is not fair. No one can look at the bigger picture until the disease is knocking at their front…show more content…
It will also help so many terminally ill depressed people who are struggling to pay medical bills. When you feel bad you look bad which eventually cause depression. Being an emotional wreck with hospital bills piling up is like adding more fuel to a fire that cannot be put out. You are constantly paying for bills that will not help the illness you are dying from. Life is for living; we will always make living the first choice. However, you can fall short and have to consider other options (Fletcher, 2014 pg10.). Stand up for what you know is right and stop letting the government dictate what you can and cannot

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