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Approximately 200 years ago, our founding fathers of America began a tedious process of carefully designing and crafting an idea to solve the problem of selecting president. Soon, the idea of citizens indirectly selecting the president soon bloomed into the formation of the initial College of Electors. Although some individuals cherish this firm establishment, I firmly think the Electoral College fails to balance power and politically sustain our nation.
In order to address the issue whether the Electoral College should be thrown away or not, the reasons why it was first established in the first place must be discussed. Generally speaking, the Electoral College’s main intent is to deliver ‘the people’s choice’ in regards to choosing the president. In addition, it tries to adequately meet many standards that our founding fathers desired such as
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They affirm that the voting power advantage that large states possess outweighs the arithmetical edge of the smaller states. Furthermore, the argument made about faithless electors can only be viewed as erroneous since “only nine such electoral votes have been cast against instructions since 1820, and none has ever influenced the outcome of an election” (Electoral College: Reform). Arguments supporting the Electoral College also deem that small states and large states are equally represented in one way or another in the Electoral College system. Since small states have more direct representation and therefore are able to strongly influence their Electoral College results, “political parties recognize that in a close election their electoral vote may be crucial” (Thornton). This means that both large states and small states are equally important, and one state is not undermined by the other. After all, the Electoral College system is built on the foundation of separation of powers, just like any American political

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