Persuasive Essay On Drugs In Sport

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In my opinion, drugs in sports is a bad thing. Most athletes now and days use drugs to win, to be successful, be popular, famous, and to get scholarships. They see drugs as an advantage in receiving what they want. Athletes now and days are too caught up in taking drugs to be successful, that they don’t see how dangerous really are. They aren’t paying attention to it. Other athletes might use different kinds of drugs to relax or calm down before a game they have. Athletes take all kinds of drugs to help them with this or that, but that still doesn’t mean its okay. It’s wrong in many ways. Taking drugs, hurts athletes in a a lot of ways. It causes athletes to get sick, hurts them, may kill them, lose their jobs. Anything could happen to athletes if they don’t watch what their doing or taking. If athletes have to hide that they’re taking drugs, thats a sign that it’s not good, and they shouldn’t be taking anything. Why is this fight against doping so important? More than 1000 people including about 100 or so journalists travelled to Copenhagen to set up all of these rules? Why does the use of doping cause suspension. Usuall most athletes will take drugs to enhance their physical performance to attempt and to prevent them falling behind other competitors, or even if it means damaging their health and risking their sports careers. Other athletes use drugs to help them wind down and relax, to deal with all the pressure and stress with a constant battle to win all the time! Maybe to boost their own self-esteem or confidence, or to mask the pain of certain things sport injuries, or maybe control and reduce weight, and to hide the use of any other banned drugs. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs like human growth hormones ar...

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...eed to take drugs in order to be a good rock musician. On the other hand, the connection between performance and doping in sport is strong in the public perception. If doping were legalised it would send a signal to young people that it is all right to take drugs if you want to be a successful athlete.
I, too, believe that the hysteria about doping sometimes reaches inconceivable heights. However, there is a reason why sport reacts so strongly against doping. Maybe the critics should be pleased that somebody tries to hold on to the special character of sport instead of criticizing them for fighting a hopeless battle and being out of touch with the development of society. Who knows? Maybe it will have a positive effect on the use of medicine etc. in society in general, if we succeed in keeping competitive sport open and transparent.
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