Persuasive Essay On Diversity

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The way in which people are taught in academic settings, the accomplishments for which they’re praised, and the social pressures to follow a certain path in life all need to change. There are different ways of learning and there are also different forms of intelligence. Not everyone requires a textbook to shine; some are blessed with natural abilities. The students that don’t fit into the cookie-cutter academic setting often aren’t given the opportunity to thrive and some will go on in life under the impression that they’re unintelligent or don’t enjoy learning. In agreement with John Holt, students are taught to associate learning with failing (Holt 239). Take for example the high school athlete who wins state championships but performs poorly on exams. He or she may be required to quit their extracurricular activities until they’re able to improve their grades. The exceptional artist who isn’t supported by her father because “he thinks an artist is a ‘dumb’ thing to be” (Zinsser 248). These students are expected to be great at what society views as valuable. They’re being punished for excelling at something different. If everyone were the same, the country wouldn’t be able…show more content…
Students are required to think similarly by temporarily memorizing information to pass an exam. They are forced to analyze every detail of a piece of writing that may have otherwise been interesting. Students may learn more if teachers adopted John Holt’s approach and let students read for pleasure without the pressure of being tested on the content (Holt 239). Similar to David Brook’s opinion about the benefits of same gender schools (Brooks 263), perhaps schools for individual learning styles would be ideal. This is a difficult area to consider because there is a fine line between embracing individuality and segregation, but it is possible that students would learn best in an environment that best suits their learning

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