Persuasive Essay On Distracted Drivers

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Everyday there are people who commute on streets and highways, they are trying to get to where they want to go. The biggest dilemma is ‘how’ they get to their destination not many of us pay attention, but 97% of us drive with distractions. The other percentages consists of six consequently dangerous ways, which include, texting, drinking, applying makeup, reading, eating, and arguing with others while behind the wheel. All of these are very hazardous, costly, and sadly deadly. Distracted drivers put lives in jeopardy everyday and if a ticket saves a life, then it would be worth it and hopefully make the person realize that the text can wait. Some may say that teenagers are the more prone to be distracted while behind the wheel but its not just them, everyday people are susceptible to this, moms, dads, businessmen, etc. it is irresponsible of any person not including, police officers who pull over and park their cruiser so they may use any device they have. Not every state has laws to prevent all forms of distractions behind the wheel. But there are a some laws that ban Driving while intoxicated and texting while in school zones. According to the CDC each day in the United States nine more people are killed then 1060 crashes are reported involving a distracted driver.” Several innocent drivers are put in unpredictable situations having to be surrounded by distracted drivers, we all have to drive for each other and it is especially harder when people are not paying attention to the road. The numbers of people being killed in crashes involving a distracted driver has increased and is expected to rise with the expansion of technology. Distracted driving can increase chances of a possible vehicle crash. There is no specific group that... ... middle of paper ... ...her drivers may be just as distracted and cause a serious wreck. That wreck could have been prevented if both parties were not distracted by whatever it was they were doing and just paid attention to the road and their surroundings. Drunk driving is driving while intoxicated, operating a vehicle under the influence and drinking and driving. First offence DUI is considered a misdemeanor has an implicated can vary from a few days to about six months in jail, while repeating offences result to several months to years in jail. For drunk driving to classified as a felony the driver must have three or four DUI’s jail sentences vary from state to state. The first offense equals 180 days suspension of license this is the result when you refuse a Breathalyzer or blood work, the second or third offense equals life in prison this is also comes with a zero tolerance policy.
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