Persuasive Essay On Disobedience

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The act of rebelling is a trait engrained in humans that it is prevalent within babies, children, teenagers, and adults. This of course has led it to become a recurrent way throughout human history to go against the status quo, and Oscar Wilde proclaims that disobedience promotes progress. The extent to which this remains true is only when suppressed ideas and oppressed people need liberation through rebellion. When disobedience is used to cling onto antiquated ideas, to resist progress, that is when it becomes a force of regression. Examples of this are plentiful throughout history and the numerous conflicts which have transpired as a result of it. The colonies in North America, under British rule, had grown unhappy with Great Britain for…show more content…
The United States was, and still is in some ways, no exception. Although it took quite some time, major American civil rights movements have left their touch on American and encouraged it to progress in granting everyone equal rights. After being freed from slavery, African Americans still lacked basic rights, but they also faced violence and intolerance from their fellow Americans. Even when some of their rights were granted, like voting, they were often inaccessible due to inventions like the purposefully deceptive literacy test needed to vote. Women were treated as complete objects, had little opportunity, and could not vote. They had little ability to do anything else but stay at home and server to care for their husband and children. Between the boycotts led by Women’s rights leaders to the massive sit-in protests arranged by Martin Luther King Jr., and everything in between, disobedience is a tactic which the many civil rights groups have used to push America to change. Their non-conformity and fight against the status-quo got people’s attention and allowed people to get rights they deserved. It is rare that obedient people can truly accomplish create society change, as by being compliant they are accepting and affirming the society’s norms. If Rosa Parks gave in and got out of…show more content…
Many of these conflicts, however, bettered society and added to the diverse set of ideas and moral values which constitutes modern society. The American Revolution, the various American Civil Rights Movements, and the secession of southern states to form the Confederacy are three examples, out of infinitely many, of uses of disobedience of disobedience in American history, but disobedience is beyond nationality. The American Revolution and CIvil Rights Movement bolstered progress through disobedience, but the Confederacy put forth regression through its rebellion. The difference arises in the motivation of disobedience. The former two disobey in the name of freeing ideas and people from oppression; meanwhile the latter engaged in disobedience to hold on to old dominant ideas which further served to oppress more people. Through these different kinds of disobedience, they can be used to inform society when disobedience is warranted and a valuable thing for

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