Persuasive Essay On Discipline In Children

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"The goal of discipline should be about helping the child learn to differentiate between good and bad behavior."(Kennedy, Adrienne A. "Discipline of Children." Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2014.) This goal is met in a variety of different ways. What's considered the right and wrong way to discipline can be debated depending on where you live. But what's the best method to discipline your kids? As you read you will learn of different types of discipline, and their effectiveness on children. What is Discipline? /Origins of Corporal Punishment While the answer may seem obvious, not many people know what discipline truly is. They end up confusing the concept of discipline with that of punishment. Discipline is simply the process of guiding your child on the right path. "Discipline should not be a punishment, but a lesson learned."(Kennedy, Adrienne A. "Discipline of Children." Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2014.) Improving your child's actions and shaping them into a better person is what makes discipline so effective. When you're done your child should understand what they did wrong, and understand that their actions have consequences; whether good or bad. This ensures that the child grows up to be a responsible and mature adult in the future. Ineffective discipline often results in the child repeating their actions, or being emotionally scarred by the experience. This dates back to the 1800's, where corporal punishment and other forms of embarrassment were common in both homes and schools. At the time these methods were widely accepted and seen as necessary to promote good behavior. However, we now realize that punishments like that only makes matters worse. "Effective discipline does not instill shame, negative guilt, a sense of abandonme... ... middle of paper ... ...forcement. Positive reinforcement is simply the process of rewarding a child after they do something good. Doing this increases the chances of behavior being replicated again. For example, if you give your child $5 every time they do their chores, the likelihood of them doing it again increases. It's a simple yet effective way to get the behavior you desire from your child. Conclusion Discipline is a subjective topic. What's considered acceptable is different around the world, and even America is split on the topic. Specifically, corporal punishment, which can have many negative side effects; but when done right it can be a very effective form of discipline. However, discipline isn't always physical. Other methods of promoting good behavior includes; emulating the behavior you want your child to copy, praising your child when they behave, and positive reinforcement.
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