Persuasive Essay On Disabled People

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About 15% of the worlds population have some sort of disabilities. People with disabilities are often underestimated just because they have disabilities. Which isn’t fair. Disabled people can achieve the same things that non disabled people. Everyone should be treated equally and not be excluded just because you have a disability. A disabled person deserves to follow their dreams and not be underestimated. Disabled people can achieve the same success that non disabled people can. 18-year-old Hasaan Hawthorne beat every wrestler he went against at a high school wrestling tournament in Alabama. Hassan was born without the lower part of his leg bone that helps humans stand up. By the time that hassan was 2 years old he learned to walk around…show more content…
Jake dreams of one day being able to play with his favorite team called the Trojans. The trojans is an american football team that plays for the university of Southern California also known as the USC. Jake Olson was born without his left eye and to save his life the doctors were forced to remove Jake’s right eye when he was 12. Before losing his sight completely Jake went and watched the Trojans play and admired their playing skills and techniques. Jake is now in his senior year of high school. Jake found a football position in where you don't need your eyesight. This position is called the Long snapper, all the long snapper has to do is pass the ball backwards to the player behind them then the game begins. Jake’s mom did not want him to try out for the highschool team’s long snapper because she thought that Jake might get hurt or rejected by the coach. Either way Jake went to the high schools team coach, Peterson. Peterson said that Jake would have to earn his spot on the team if he really wanted to play. Jake was very passionate about being on the team so he kept on training and he finally made the team. As newsela states when someone asked Jerry Fitschen a kicker for the high school team in which Jake played in he said “We didn’t see him as a blind person,we saw him as a football
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