Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

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Next I will explain how long it takes for a person to be executed on death row. In 1953 the percentage of death row inmates executed was nearly 50%, by 1966 it plummeted to 0.25% and stayed between 0.24% and 2.77% until 1999. For the next 10 years it stayed under 2%. (There is no more information past 2009.) (DEATH ROW INMATE EXECUTIONS, 1953-2009) Normally people spend nearly a decade waiting to be executed. In most cases it takes so long to be executed because they they have too many appeals. Nobody wants to kill an innocent person, but I believe after they are proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt they should not get umpteenthousand appeals. If you get one or two, maybe, because the jury could have made a mistake but after so many appeals, you should be out of chances. On average a prisoner on death row takes about $90,000 more than a general prisoner, annually. This includes all of their appeals and the room and board on top of food, and the extra care and enhanced security. ( We wouldn 't need all of this if we just killed them to begin with). There are 714 prisoners on death row in california alone, that is nearly $64,260,000 more a…show more content…
America is already in debt over $16.394 trillion, if we could use the tax payers money toward paying off debt along with other things to improve our society, like fixing roads or new books for schools or housing or homeless, we could have a better place to live and people wouldn 't want to bomb us because we are in debt to them so much money. In 2010 over $39 billion was spent on meals for prisoners. I understand that some prisoners have not committed violent crimes and should be in prison (and of course they have to eat.) If violent criminals were executed that $39 billion would drop drastically. Considering that it takes nearly $22,632 to house one prisoner,
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