Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

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The death penalty has played a huge role in our society dating back to the birth of our country. According to Criminal Justice: Student Edition there are currently 3100 prisoners living on death row. Capital Punishment is one of the most heated debates in American Those who oppose the death penalty believe it is immoral to take the life of a human being. Criminals who are on death row are those who have committed heinous crimes and deserve the death penalty. Throughout the history of our nations we have seen various forms of execution and have evolved to more humane forms of punishment. The electric chair became less popular in the 1970’s when the lethal injection was first used. Lethal injection is the more popular way of execution…show more content…
It should be for cases such as only for murder cases, rape cases, and any other barbaric crimes. According to Bob McCulloch the Missouri State Prosecutor on death penalties involving murderers “No murder is good but these are particularly horrendous. They’re off the charts,” he said. “One case I tried was a fellow who was almost 6’ 6,’’ almost 300 pounds, and he literally butchered his girlfriend and her two-year-old baby – gutted them and cut the little girl’s head off.” He also states “There have to be very specific statutory aggravating circumstances” in addition to being a murder in the first degree. “It’s a murder for hire, multiple murders, cases that are killing a witness, killing a police officer in the line of duty, doing it while there are other felonies being committed…Jeffrey Ferguson for example was a kidnapping, rape and murder, and that’s what set it apart from other even murder first degree cases.” The Death penalty is given to those who deserve it. If the crimes are are heinous and gruesome as McCulloch describes, how can one not receive the death penalty for the crime? Those who commit murder make decisions to take a persons life. Those who rape women, kill innocent children, and should not be allowed to resd in our nation and shoud be
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