Persuasive Essay On Deaf People

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Deafness is a disability that many people are misinformed about. There isn’t a big difference between how deaf people live and how a hearing person lives on a daily basis. In fact, at a young age deaf families with deaf children already have a good grasp on a language, compared to hearing children who can’t speak as well till years later. The amount of discrimination deaf people face and daily challenges are difficult. I have personally seen the discrimination first hand and will be informing you about how deaf people live.
My parents are both deaf and I grew up like anyone else. I don’t feel like my parents are different. The only difference would be I would help with ordering food in the drive through. My parents did try hearing aids but
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Most jobs won’t hire a deaf person because they don’t think they are able to do the job even if they are more than capable, typically companies don’t want to accommodate or are unaware on how to accommodate the deaf or hard of hearing. The National Association of the deaf can help inform you on what to do and legally what is your next step. On their website, it’ll say that deaf people must have, “visual alerts for audible alarms and messages, captioned audiovisual information.” Those are just a few accommodations that every deaf person. The next step if a person is discriminated would be to contact Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and it will be…show more content…
I have experienced some discrimination because people assume I am deaf and discriminate me as well. Being deaf is not a bad thing. Many people are happy being deaf and if they had the chance to hear they would refuse. My father had even tried hearing aids and it barley let him hear and just made life harder because that’s another step added to his daily routine and he ended up not using them. I’m glad that my parents are deaf because it shows me a different side of the world that no one really knows about. I hope that with the information I presented people might be able to have a better understanding to the difficulties deaf people face every day but also that deafness doesn’t always mean that something is wrong with them, it just means they live a little differently than you but ultimately we are all the
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