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Cyberbullying has become a huge problem globally. Children, teens, and even adults are able to connect to each other through the internet and hurt one another emotionally (which could lead to the victim harming themselves physically). However, light is beginning to shine on this ever-growing topic and officials are starting to recognize it as a real problem. Some are trying to get a cyberbullying act passed that will subject cyberbullies to prosecution, and possibly federal punishment. But the punishment should fit the crime, and although dangerous, most cyberbullying should not warrant a federal audience. Cyberbullying has become an increasingly popular form of bullying over the years. It can be defined as a form of bullying through electronic…show more content…
But, like bullying in person, cyberbullying can get much more serious. According to “Bullying Suicide Statistics”, “20% of kids that are cyber bullied think about suicide.” This has led to the death of many people around the world, including Sarah Lynn Butler (a 7th grader), Hannah Smith (14 years old), and the unforgettable Amanda Todd (16 years old) (“Real Life Stories” 1). This could be the result of 69% of all teens having their own phone, computer, and social media accounts (easy access points for cyber bullies to harass them) (“Bullying Suicide Statistics” 1). But many people are harmed by cyber bullies online, and other want to make it a federal issue. And, although cyberbullying is not something to be taken lightly, it is most definitely not a federal crime. Cyberbullying is a serious and widespread issue around the world, but not big enough to become a federal crime. However, Eden Foster and Linda Sanchez feel differently. According to “Text 1”, “Congresswoman Linda Sanchez is sponsoring the Megan Meier Cyber Bullying Prevention Act. The bill would make bullying through an electronic means a federal crime. Child psychologist and strong supporter of the bill, Ms. Eden Foster”. This shows how powerful people are backing this act,…show more content…
Some include ignoring the bully, recording evidence (so that, if the problem gets out of hand, one would have proof of the behavior), cutting the bully off, or reporting them to the website administrators if it happens on a website (it is most likely violating some rules) (”Delete Cyberbullying” 1). These are very good suggestions to ending cyberbullying in, at least, a few homes. If the victim is being harassed via instant messaging, they can block the bully or change their phone number. And, if the victim lives with their parents or others, those other people can regulate their devices to see if there are any harassing and/ or threatening messages. Cyberbullying can also be cut from the roots if children learn not to behave badly. They most likely learned it from someone they know, so limiting certain poorly influential behaviors could also help end cyberbullying. This is a big problem that is probably not going away any time soon, but until then, everyone must keep a look out for, and help end,

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