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The issue of CyberBullying and Bullying in the american school system has increased tremendously over the years. Bullying has become a huge problem in schools with kids between the grades of 6 to 10. Statistics show that about 30% of students are involved in bullying in the US and about 1 in every 5 admit that they are responsible for bullying their peers. About 77% of all students are being verbally bullied in the US. Being bullied can have an impact in the life of the victim and contributes to the development of depression or anxiety. The issue will only increase with new technology and social network being available to young teens and will cause many more problems if communities or schools don 't come up with a solution.
Whats is bullying?
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Parents need to learn how to talk to their kids about the issue and they need to pay attention to their kids so they know when they are victims of bullying or they are bullying their peers. Schools should give out a clear definition of bullying and lay out the consequences of it to their students so they can try and prevent it from happening. Long Island 's Child Abuse Services lead organizations targeting bullying prevention. A student led campaign was introduced to promote tolerance, end bullying and change culture. Long Island schools, Community Organizations and government officials are working to create awareness of the problem and establish safety to students attending school. Schools principals and staff should be very vigilant of the students and what goes on in the hallways so that everyone there feels safe. Parents need to teach their kids to speak up and if they see anything that shouldn 't be happening to speak up and tell an adult. The more the students are aware of the issue the safer students that are victims feel because they know someone is keeping watch in school. If a student is caught bullying the school principal should provide counseling for the students and perform interviews with the victim and the bully. They should have the victim and the bully meet and listen to both sides of their stories. Bullies need to understand that bullying is not tolerated under any circumstance and that their will be consequences to those that fail to follow the rules. Older students and Leaders can also contribute to raise awareness of this issue by also being vigilant in school and sending out a clear message that bullying is not tolerated. This is an issue that will always exist but it 's up to school districts, communities and government officials to raise

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