Persuasive Essay On Cutting Red Meat

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Eliminating Red Meat I hear about climate change almost every day. I hear it in the classroom, on the television, and from friends. When discussing climate change it is easy to dwell on the negatives, but eventually you must move on to possible solutions. Everyone can do their part to mitigate their carbon footprint like riding their bike instead of driving their car, using a reusable water bottle rather than buying plastic water bottles, or turning the heat off in their house. One way that we can lower our carbon output that is not very well known is changing our eating habits. Red meat such as lamb and cattle are some of the biggest producers of carbon in the food industry. This is the reason that I have choose to give up red meat for the…show more content…
The majority of that red meat was cattle based product. I will substitute the red meat for chicken, pork, or even vegetarian soy-based products. One concern that I have for this project is that the impact I am making will not be as visible if I were to give up buying plastic water bottles, or biking instead of driving. I am still trying to think of ways to put the impact into perspective. One thing that I hope to accomplish by eliminating red meat from my diet is educating my friends and family about the benefits that eliminating red meat can bring. Besides the extensive environmental benefits, it is also a great health choice. Red meat is high in cholesterol, and is a contributing factor in obesity. While a burger or a steak may be delicious, I personally believe that it is a sacrifice that is well worth making to help our planet and our hearts. While this may be a difficult task, filled with many strange looks from friends when I tell them that I can’t enjoy that hearty steak, I believe that it will be worth it. I can only hope that this is a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope to continue reducing my carbon footprint in the future, possibly by cutting all meat from my diet. I look forward to viewing my progress as well as seeing the the final impact that I

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