Persuasive Essay On Creation Vs Evolution

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Was the universe created by an all mighty being? Or was it created over the course of billions of years? These are questions that have been pondered for thousands of years. Even today the question remains: how did the universe come to be? On one hand the creationists say that an all mighty being just created the universe and everything followed after. On the other hand evolutionists believe that the universe had come into existence over the course of billions of years. No one knows which is correct simply because not a single person has a firsthand account of the beginning of the universe. Neither creation nor evolution has been proven to the point of becoming more than just idea. With all that said, the ideas of creation and evolution are…show more content…
This act made it illegal to teach evolution within public schools. During this time a man named John T. Scopes, who at the time was only a substitute biology teacher, had assigned a reading from a book that taught evolution. This obviously was illegal and as such Scopes went to trial for this. In the end Scopes was found guilty for breaking the law but his conviction was overturned because of a technicality. The outcome of this trial was no surprise, most of America followed suit and removed any mention of evolution and Darwin from school textbooks. On top of all that the people that opposed evolution changed their methods of attacking the idea of revolution. Instead of doing direct attacks against evolution they went along a different route and put creation into a guise, making it seem more respectable and official, this guise turned creationism into “Creation…show more content…
That is until the 1980s. During the 1980s the Christian Right had its revival in the United States. As such the fundamentalists once again began trying to get creationism within the school system, legally of course. They wanted to make sure that anything their kids were being taught followed the teachings of the church. Basically they wanted evolution out and creationism in. What followed was yet another major trial on the basis of creationism vs. evolution. The trial that followed the resurgence of Christian Right was the Edwards vs. Aguillard case, which happened in 1987. This trial happened because of a law that the Louisiana legislator passed in 1981. The law mentioned was called the Creationism Act; this act stated that it is illegal to teach evolution by itself unless it is accompanied by the teachings of creationism. In the end the United States Supreme Court got rid of law as it was said to have violated the establishment clause within the first
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