Persuasive Essay On Country Living

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It is impossible to have both the upside side of something without experiencing the downside as well, as the saying goes, we can 't have the cake and eat it too. One or the other must take place. If we eat the cake, then we won 't have it for later, and if we want to have the cake for later, we can 't eat it now. This saying represents the dilemma that many face when deciding where to live. With the trade off of living within city limits, the person is giving up the right to privacy and is submitting themselves to the ordinances that are in place. On the other side of things to live in the country the person is giving up the access to quick emergency response, shopping centers and many other important aspects of daily life. No one place contains…show more content…
The added expense of gas, vehicle maintenance, and loss of productivity is staggering. The first signs of spring come in the form of frogs chirping. At night, the sound is deafening. Winter 's approach comes with the swarm of lady bugs trying desperately to find their way into the warm house. The country air is fresh; the creeks run over, and the birds enjoy chirping. Deer move freely through the yard nibbling on blades of grass, stopping on occasion, to check and see if anything is watching. In the fall the garden is cut down, and fertilizer is layered over the top soil to till under to saturate the earth with nutrients and encourage the growth of produce once spring thaws the ground. The food that comes from the garden is pure in taste, making the store-bought produce inadequate and bland. The most important aspect of living out in the country is the privacy and freedom to do what one wants within the scope of the law. In the winter time, I like to take the four-wheeler up to a flat spot on our property and do donuts. It 's a way to practice sliding and skidding on the slick surface without causing damage to anything. And in the summer time when the grandkids are over swimming in the pool, I don 't have to worry about them being too loud and disturbing the

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