Persuasive Essay On Concussions

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Concussions Sports have been around since the beginning of mankind. As a result, so have injuries, including concussions. Concussions have been a part of sports ever since the beginning. But recently concussions have become a focal point for coaches, athletes, and parents. Just in case you were ever confused on what a concussion is, “A concussion is when a person’s brain suddenly shifts or shakes inside the skull and can knock against the skull’s surface … causing bruising” (Liberty). The problem that parents, coaches, and athletes are so worried about right now is that studies have shown that more than 80 percent of concussions go unreported or undiagnosed (Vox). A result of unreported or undiagnosed concussions is that the players who…show more content…
First coaches, players, and parents need to be educated about concussions. This education should include information about symptoms, long lasting effects and the consequences of concussions going unreported. This will help because players can not only evaluate themselves but their fellow teammates. When athletes know the consequences of not reporting a concussion it will ensure that players will report their worries about being concussed with their coaches or athletic trainers. The negative reinforcements is not to punish the players for getting the concussion but knowingly playing while having one. By Negative reinforcements I mean the athletes would punished by being suspended the season for playing while knowingly having a concussion .Another way to reduce concussions would be to have the players with concussions or concerns about being concussed, to undergo both the neurological testing and the cognitive testing. This will take more time and will take away from the athletes playing on the field but it will be much more beneficial in the end. And players would not return to play until they pass both tests. This would help because neither test is perfect by itself at detecting a concussion but both used together would help overlap each other allowing concussions to be better detected. This would not be favorite option because the cognitive testing involves computers, making it harder for some organizations. But in the interests of keeping concussed players off of the field it will be
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