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Controversy strikes as talks of payment to college athletes are on the rise. Recent cases have brought about whether or not the country’s beloved student-athletes should be paid to play. The answer to that question is no, reason being that these “athletes” are students before anything, including a celebrity. College athletes, especially those who play football or basketball, are being compensated more than fairly enough through their scholarships as is. It’s public perceptions that the NCAA and/or the university these students attend are blatantly neglecting them. No, there is simply more to it. Most schools barely come by enough money to pay student-athletes, whether it be basketball, football, baseball, or even tennis and golf.
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The complaint of the academic institution receiving the TV and merchandising money while players get next to nothing is a ridiculous sentiment. The apparatus of said institutions is not set up to drain players but the opposite. Student-athletes get room and board, the opportunity to show their skills to professional scouts, and most importantly a free education (Ramey 1). Though even with this provided, a collection of athletes somehow struggle to make ends meet. Out of all college athletes living on-campus, a whopping 86 percent drop below the federal poverty line (Alford 1). Faith Alford, journalist for the Daily Cougar, claims that the student-athletes cannot afford food at times, considering their sport is their full time job (1). Even so, that’s another day in the life of any other college student. College students make cutbacks all the time, staple foods are ramen noodles and great value counterparts to popular brands. Everyone has to make sacrifices. There is acknowledgement to be made to Alford 's statement, regardless, as of January 27th, 2015, College athletes are getting more than just tuition, room, and board under a vote taken at the NCAA 's annual convention (Berkowitz 1). These added benefits are called stipends, which could also be a problem for schools like TU. Stipends are not as simple as one would think. If these plans were to follow through in all places with players getting $2,000…show more content…
This is probably due to so many being traditionalist holding beliefs that the spirit of school sports will be ruined. Not to mention the population seeing college sports as amateurism, similar to unpaid internships and so forth (“Paying College Athletes Pros…” 1) According to a poll only 33 percent who took part believed that student-athletes should be payed. Opposition nearly double that number at 64 percent, not to mention that 47 percent were STRONGLY against the concept of "pay-to-play" (Prewitt 1). ESPN analyst, Jay Bilas, finds the apparatus of the scholarship program "Laughable, but it 's not funny". He further claims that schools aren 't even "out a nickel" when providing college athletes with their all expense paid vacation to to free education (Prewitt 1). What’s “Laughable, but it’s not funny” is this blatantly obnoxious response to the issue. Though there should be acknowledgement given to the amount of money coaches earn, that 's their profession. They train these young athletes to perform on the level they do and bring profit from it. Without coaches there would be no gain. Critics, such as Bilas, try to make points such as the salary of college coaches yet only 19 percent of the population agreed with him in the polls (Prewitt 1). With such unheard of public support, it’s very unlikely for a paycheck for college athletes to go
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