Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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The best word to have described the apocalypse is – swift. We, as the human race, had grown accustomed to being able to deplete our Earth’s resources without visualizing the consequences. Many of us happily lived in ignorance, believing the impending destruction of our ecosystems and society wouldn’t happen for hundreds of years. We once laughed at the phrase “climate change”, thinking it was an entity politically driven to remove certain luxuries in our lives. As a race, we put off sustainable practices from businesses down to our everyday lives, money was the air we breathed. We thought several generations would come and pass before the inevitable happened. How foolish. By the time mankind attempted to do ‘damage control’ it was already too late. We ignored the increasingly frequent wildfires and floods in North America and Europe, the unusual development and spread of new diseases in Africa and Asia, the rapid loss of terrestrial and aquatic life in the Polar Regions, and the landslides in South America. Instead of addressing the cause, global governments spent millions of dollars on infrastructure and crop…show more content…
The air seemed heavy, there was no food production, and certainly no clean water left. Food and water was scarce, the grocery stores had been cleaned out long ago. Diseases carrying rodents ran rampant, thanks to the piles of bodies lying in the streets. “Killed or be killed”, became the common phrase amongst us. Killing well-prepared families was a quick and guaranteed way to obtain supplies, thus break-ins were more prevalent than ever. Some wandered the once paved streets, trying to live off of what was left of the land, but this was usually a death sentence. Many were captured and cannibalized, eaten by wildlife, killed by each other, or die of disease. For five years, this was the way of

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