Persuasive Essay On Civil Rights

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After the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, women getting the right to vote because of the 19th amendment, and the ever-growing freedoms to practice various religions wherever and however, many would say that today in 2015 we are in the most accepting and tolerant time in history. However, that doesn’t mean everything is okay and everyone gets along. Many groups of people are victims of discrimination every day and those who don’t face discrimination often try and justify poor treatment of the discriminated by saying they don’t face judgement and unequal treatment. This issue is often brought up in the Presidential debates because it is such a big issue effecting millions of people each day and the voters want to know how the candidates view and plan to resolve these problems. One Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, has shared his beliefs and he has…show more content…
Sanders plans to address the causes of police brutality against blacks, unequal pay for women, and various forms of religious freedoms and how it effects those being discriminated against. The twentieth century was a time of great reform when it came to expanding the rights among various groups of people, especially for citizens of color, women, or someone who isn’t nondenominational. This great expansion of rights, unfortunately isn’t enough. While through many Supreme Court hearings it would appear each citizen in the nation is given equal rights, looking into this it is obvious that certain groups still are mistreated. Police brutality has been an issue since the police service began but research has shown brutality against blacks is far more likely than brutality to whites. This is because police are held to a different standard in America than in countries with less instances of brutality, no clear policies are taught on the proper use of force, and many more reasons, most being led by
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