Persuasive Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Appeals Essay: Childhood Obesity

Upon looking at hot topics in the media today, there is one that sticks out in particular. Childhood obesity has developed into an issue that is effecting an immense population of today’s society. The number of cases around the world are skyrocketing from what they used to be. In order to change the health of our future generations, we need to inform parents, schools, and children of this soaring concern.
Parents always want the best for their children, so seeing a child suffer from being overweight or obese is genuinely hard on the parents. Not only can seeing the child struggle physically, seeing a child being treated different by coaches, other children, and even other parents because of their weight can take a huge toll on a family. As a child, not being able to make friends or fulfill requirements in extra curricular activities, such as sports, can leave an impact on a kid for life. Ways in which a parent can help to prevent or contain childhood obesity is by getting the children involved
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Kids also do not fully understand the concept of calories, sugars, and fats, so they do not think that consuming unhealthy foods is truly impacting them in a negative way. Children look up and respect their parents and teachers, so the kids will listen to what they have to say about why they need to watch what they are eating. Sitting down with these children and showing them the impacts that unhealthy food has on the human body and how it can impact their future, is a start to lowering the childhood obesity rate. Children believe that they are invisible, so becoming over weight or obese will not happen to them, but by showing them the negative impacts that junk and fast food has on their bodies can assist in changing their
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