Persuasive Essay On Child Trafficking

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Human Trafficking: We Must Protect the Vulnerable
Slavery can date back to the 7th century BC in Sparta and Athens Greece those states depended mostly on forced labor. Slavery here in America began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to Virginia. They served in the production of lucrative crops like tobacco. Slavery was practiced in America throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. The first movement to ban human trafficking from the transatlantic was passed through the British parliament in 1833. More than 180 years ago and now most of the countries have banned slavery. However many people remain enslaved. Human Trafficking can be defined as the trade of people that are engaged in forced labor for others at a cheap cost or even
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And so it is an epidemic that the world has to fight and to protect those who are vulnerable to it. Human trafficking is an issue that must concern the whole world, society would love for this world to be a safer place to live in. Child trafficking is a global problem that touches every country and society has the ability to improve the safety of the children. By joining forces society can put an end to the 2nd fastest growing and profiting crime in the world. To find an end to trafficking a law enforcement agency that can be in charge internationally of ending human trafficking must be established. The agency must have the authority to go into any country and do their investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice and not just let them get away as they have been doing for many years. The people must be more informed in order for them to help with ending human trafficking and offering proper care and attention to the survivors. The protection act established in 2000 in the United States of America provides a plan for responding to human trafficking. However it has not been implemented correctly and the traffickers are not apprehended or prosecuted. All governments should work together to put an end to human trafficking networks. Society must also work together to reduce the factors that can make human vulnerable to