Persuasive Essay On Child Soldiers

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Over the past twenty years, throughout many countries, the use of child soldiers has grown into a huge worldwide problem that needs to come to an end. According to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), a child soldier is "any child—boy or girl—under eighteen years of age, who is part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity" (Kaplan, Eben"Child Soldiers Around the World”). These children’s lives are being destroyed, and they are forced to live inhumane lifestyles involving killing, horrifying behavior, and terrible witnesses. There is an estimated 300,000 child soldiers all over the world being used in direct conflict at war, or as spies, lookouts, messengers, and other forms of military use. In the past, up to 90% of soldiers consisted of adult men, whereas today up to 80% of soldiers are children and women. This global issue takes place in countries such as Colombia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many more. In Uganda, children are being forced to kill instead of enjoying a normal childhood of laughter and dreams, and normal day to day lives. This disruption of innocent childhoods is really affecting children in many areas of the world. A student at Mamaroneck High School should care about child soldiers because it is a violation of basic human rights and all people, especially children, deserve to have a life free from violence. In America it is seen as unnatural for a child to not go to school and learn, and it is rare for a kid to not receive education at all in the United States. On the other hand, in places across the world like Africa, it is a privilege to go to school, and it’s something people have to work very hard towards. In ... ... middle of paper ... ...ike Us" Invisible Children). All of these actions are steps towards the goal of ending the use of child soldiers for good. In Uganda, children are being taken advantage of, and being deprived of some of their basic rights, freedom and a life of protection. It is unfair that these poor, weak, and vulnerable children are the ones who are being exposed and forced to take part in such horrible mayhems. They deserve nothing but a life of happiness, and instead receive a life of killing, not only of other people but of their own innocence as well. Children are ripped from their loved ones, their family, their community, and are given something so terrible to remember from their own childhoods. This whole conflict needs to come to an end. People need to start taking action and raising more and more awareness because it is affecting so many people all over the world.
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