Persuasive Essay On Cheating In Exams

Cheating in Exams Many Students claim that cheating in exams is a perfect solution to get better grades in the certificate and several of academic reports show that 50% of all student’s cheat in their exams (Fendley, atham & Godbey, 2016). They may argue that the exams are hard and the teaching material are not that good. But, it’s not reasonable to do something wrong for other difficulties they face. In other hand classmates should fight that hardness and they should understand the material. Otherwise, they will not enhance and upgrade in knowledge even if the percent of cheating is 100% certain to be right. So, Students should never cheat in exams because it can decrease the knowledge of specific specialty, make an unreliable…show more content…
Some opponents may argue that cheating in exams is good that they can get higher grades in tests. Moreover, they claim that it’s only a matter of time before they get their jobs and learn useful things that they should learn to keep on their works. It’s may be true that grades can be raised by cheating however, learning in the first opportunity is something different from cheating. It can give more education, information and material understanding to the learner. Even if the student fails in his course it gives him motivation to do better in the next attempt for exams and give him a jump from frustration. Although, all this advantages for not to cheat in exams, opponents find it silly and still believe in cheating in the closest chance possible. Because lack of self-respect they find it as easy as drinking water. So if students give respect to their abilities it is encouraging to start growing…show more content…
At havard school in May 2012 a teaching mate noticed that approximately half the entire class had been cheating (Buchmann,2014). If the most prestigious school in the world (havard) contains cheating it is normal to assume that cheating happens in every college more than we could think and what motivate students to cheat is lack of understanding and lectures pressure. Teachers may put a lot of pressure on student in a way that makes the material confusing. Or Students may have other things and so they are so busy far from the lessons. In all cases, classmates should not commit plagiarism in the exams so they feel more honest and capable of making the right

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