Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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No One Likes A Bully
Why do we allow children to get picked on day in and day out? Bullying is the use of one’s strength to influence, hurt, or intimidate someone. Bullying is a terrible habit, and it has been going on way to long. Schools do not take the proper action to stop bullying. It can result in injuries, death, physical damage, and some students may even develop disorder of deficiency. The teachers should come together and find a strategy to stop it. Most bullies are just children who have been negated themselves and take it out on others. Bullying in high school needs to stop as soon as possible.
Some schools don’t take proper action to stop bullying. Bullying has gone down in high schools the past few years even though it may not
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It is said that bullying will make them more tough; however, why would you want someone to be tough and stand up for themselves that way? Even though bullying “is a common part of student’s childhood,” Students that are being bullied develop several problems. According to Wen-Chi, Shyuemeng, and Dih-Ling, “student victims can get social anxiety” (73). They are frightened to make new friends, apprehensive about getting laughed at, and feeling judged. This causes the person being bullied to be more distant. Interaction with others just reminds the bullied person of how he/she was hurt by others, so why wouldn’t everyone hurt him/her agin? Bullies make these students sick. They become depressed and unhappy. The bullied student normally begins to hate himself/herself. The words that the bullied hear every day begin to stay in the back of his/her head. Then the words begin to become how the bullied person describes themselves. They begin to suffer from depression, and the thought of suicide develops more and more. They do not feel like eating their favorite foods, they felt gloomy, cried for no reason, found it hard to do their tasks at hand, did not sleep well, and lack of motivation (4). The long term effects include trust issues, self-esteem problems, and some children are bullied for being themselves. They have a hard time creating new relationships and bonds with other people. Even if they make a…show more content…
Bullies may have a bad home life. It is a huge cry for attention and help. They lack the love and affection that every child needs to feel happy, and they feel if they bring others down then they are above them. Their parents may work so much that they just seek their attention. They may be really frustrated with their family so they take it out on others. Bullies may think it is cool, so they do it for the laughs. Their parents may even beat them or mistreat them. Most of the time I believe bullies are just insecure of themselves, so they feel better when they hurt others. When the bullies see that the kids are scared of them they feel more in control and alive. According to Türkmen, “students with employed parents were found to be more prone to resort to physical bullying” (150). According to Türkmen, “boys are more likely to bully than girls” (151). The reason for this because boys are treated different than girls at home. They are treated more like adults than girls, and parents look at girls as more fragile compared to them. Guys feel like they have to be more dominant, and females feel like they should be more bossy. According to Wen-Chi, Shyuemeng, and Din-Ling, Different participant roles in bullying may also be associated with different social status, communication skills, and degree of empathy.” They also say, “Bullies may have a higher degree of self-centeredness than other players” (2). Why do bullies use their power of being big, older, or
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