Persuasive Essay On Black Lives Matter

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After Zimmerman was acquitted, protest erupted across the United States. The protestors were calling for justice for the slain teen, Trayvon Martin. People voiced their outrage via traditional local marching and social media. As soon as the verdict was announced, Alicia Garza, a worker’s activist immediately posted on Facebook, “Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter.” From this phrase spawned the controversial term, Black Lives Matter. Patrisse Cullers, a friend and fellow activist of Alicia was the one who actually post the Black Lives Matter hash tag.

With the advent and of social media and high tech camera video phones, we have been able to capture police brutality. The police violence against Black people has been happening
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Black Lives Matter support from African Americans is high as expected. 65% of African American support the movement according to pew I would imagine many African Americans have experienced or know someone who has experienced police brutality or has suffered negative consequences from the police. Our beliefs and values are shaped by our personal experiences.
Among whites, 40% support Black Lives Matters and 28% oppose it. This high percentage could be due to two factors. It’s hard to deny a clear cut video depicting police brutality.The elevated percentage could represent guilt of white america’s forefathers enslavement of African Americans. Pew found Latino’s are less likely than whites to support Black Lives Matter. Only 33% strongly support the movement. My perspective on this has to do with our historical background in this country. Hispanics came to America as free people as opposed to African americans who came here as slaves. It is hard to feel someone’s pain if you have not witnessed or experienced it. The history of enslavement of African Americans plays a key role when addressing police brutality. This history has shaped African Americans which affects them to the core unlike other nationalities who came to America willingly and free. This historical perspective explains the different levels of support for Black Lives Matter. The historical perspective can also explain why white america support is higher
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