Persuasive Essay On Birth Control

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Where did childhood go? Why are these unprepared children becoming parents? Over the years a need to educate teenagers about safe sex has been what all parents are finding a need to address to their young teens. Birth control for teenagers or in general has supporters and antis. While its a safe way to prevent unwanted pregnancies some believe its an immoral thing which should not be done. Going back to 1914 the first birth control clinic was introduced by Margaret Sanger an activist in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Sanger is also known for beginning the American Birth Control League, and being involved in Planned Parenthood. Working alongside endocrinologist Gregory Pincus they invented, produce and distributed the first FDA approved pill in 1960. Todays there is a range of effective contraceptives in the market or healthy procedures ensuring the consumer with desired results. While they may be too young to be sexually active at least most teens are being smart and thinking about the consequences that come with wanting to experience something new; as a result birth control and other contraceptives provide these teens with safe methods to prevent pregnancy and help protect them from sexually transmitted disease, therefore teens should be allowed to use/ get birth control without parents consent.
A dark cloud follows this topic whenever it's mentioned; adults with old customs or different mindset have a hard time grasping this idea especially if it involves their children. The community is split in half some agreeing teenagers should use contraception and the others saying contraception is evil and does not fall in what god wants humanity to do. Religion and its followers are fighting against birth control for teenagers deming it a sin a...

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... only with a parents consent. This is a great way to help teens who may be restricted by their parents morals. Yes they may be too young in our eyes but one thing us as adults need to understand is that they are just putting themselves in danger of catching a deadly disease which will in return ruin the rest of their lives. Regardless of not having access to birth control or condoms he or she is still going to have sex, I just find it our duty as grown adults to throw some common sense at them and explain, not in an argumentative tone but more in a respectful kind of way that its okay to want to be sexually active but the mature way to do it is by being smart and responsible. No damage can be done if permission is granted to a girl who wants to be on the pill, more damage could be done in regards of the consequences of not being on birth control or having safe sex.
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