Persuasive Essay On Binge Drinking

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Binge drinking has become a huge phenomenon that people fail to acknowledge. Many people feel that underage binge drinking has increase while others might disagree saying that underage drinking has decrease. The truth is binge drinking has been misrepresentative and the definition has been changed over the course of years. What most would consider to not be binge drinking in the past, is now consider to be binge drinking in the present. Binge drinking is a serious problem in today’s society that affecting the physically, mentally, and emotionally well beings of today generation of kids. It is an epidemic that need to come to an end. It is an important factor to first understand the meaning of binge drinking. According to David J. Hanson, most people would say “binge drinking brings to mind a self-destructive and unrestrained drinking bout lasting for at least a couple of days during which time the heavily intoxicated drinker "drops out" by not working, ignoring responsibilities, squandering money, and engaging in other harmful behaviors such as fighting or risky sex” (“Declining”). Hanson also gives a brief description of what the…show more content…
Alcohol is very addicting if you don’t know how to control the amount that you ingest into your body. According to Kowalski there has been “a dramatic drop in grades and increased absenteeism can be the least of a young alcoholic 's problems. Drunkenness can lead to violence, and other crimes, such as stealing and robbery, to pay for more alcohol” (“Variety of Problems”). Kids having problems in personal relationships tend to rely of alcohol or drugs to help solve their problems, when in reality it is just harming them slowly. Having tensions between parents and kids is also an another contributing factor as to why kids turn to bottles and hang around kids that do drugs and drink excessive amounts of

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