Persuasive Essay On Being In A Wheelchair

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It can be difficult and frustrating not to be able to do certain things at first, but it is not any different for someone who is not in a wheelchair. People often doubt their abilities and therefore have low expectations of them. What people fail to see is how mentally capable and hardworking these individuals truly are. Axel recalls, “Growing up in a wheelchair made the people around me assume that I wouldn’t be able to do anything for myself and that only motivated me more to be independent and prove not only to myself, but to others that being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I can’t do what a normal person does, like driving, playing sports, or the basics of going to the restroom on my own.” People like Axel know that being physically disabled does not mean that they can not do what any other normal person does.
People also believe that a wheelchair limits a person, but it is actually quite the opposite. A wheelchair gives an individual the ability to move freely. In the online article, “Wheelchairs Make a Difference” it is stated that wheelchairs are “... wonderfully liberating for a person who is paralysed. Without one, he or she is unable to get out of their homes and interact with
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It is known that everyone faces daily obstacles. These individuals, especially, struggle to overcome the everyday obstacles, but do so with a smile on their face. People also assume that because these individuals face daily struggles, that they must feel depressed or unhappy. On the contrary, these individuals have such uplifting personalities and a great sense of humor. Attending several of my cousin’s basketball games has given me the opportunity to interact with other individuals, of different ages, who are also in wheelchairs. All of the members of this team have such different personalities that encourage one another throughout the game. “Somehow I always do it,” says Axel, as he smiles from ear to
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