Persuasive Essay On Being Homeless

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It doesn 't seem to matter what the weather is like, what time of year it is or where I am. I have never gotten used to sleeping outside. At first it felt like camping, it was warm and the park was nice, I was young and saw it as an adventure. As time went on however the cold reality of how I was living set in. My part time job didn’t produce enough money for me to afford a place to live and college was eating away my savings. I ended up couch surfing until I started to feel like a burden and that 's when I started sleeping outside. Not long after this decision I lost my job, since no one really wants a homeless college kid working for them. After I lost my job I withdrew from college, since I had no way to pay for it. All of sudden I was a twenty-something, jobless, homeless, college dropout. Every dream I had was dead, and the only goal I had was finding a place to sleep at night and food to eat.…show more content…
There are an estimated 578,424 homeless people sleeping on the streets in America on any given night (State of Homelessness). It seems to be a distant problem since most of us are not homeless, have never been homeless, or will ever be homeless. Yet the cold reality is that for many middle and lower class families they are all one paycheck away from homelessness. While my family is an upper middle class family in Idaho, we wouldn’t be able to continue to live in our house, or maintain the lifestyle we are used to if my father lost his job. Homelessness is not a far off nightmare, it is a reality that many people face or are trying to survive. In a well developed country such as America it is unacceptable that homelessness is still an issue. It is time to stop treating homeless people like they are a nuisance, and treat them as human beings who deserve the basic right of

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