Persuasive Essay On Being Gay

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In this world, being gay is not easy. People always are going to stereotype and think only about the sexual side of it, making it sound disgusting and inappropriate. Gay people are the same as straight people, we are all people; however that is not how it works in the workplace. There are many issues that homosexuals have to fight against to become a country, and a world, of full equality: gay guys and lesbians are discriminated and fired in many states of the United States, transgender guys and girls who are even more discriminated for the way they dress, and they are not able to get a regular job to support themselves and their families. However, there are some ways we can follow to get to live in a world of full equality. Because we are in America, the world of opportunities and freedom, nobody should be denied of getting or remaining in a job for their sexual orientations. Since June 26, 2015 “Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States” After all those years, we could finally get married as a regular couple; letting us protect our properties and give the right person what they deserve by law. However, after this legalization, millions of gay couples were AND ARE still afraid of getting fired after posting the pictures of their wedding, in Facebook or other social network. Until now there is no…show more content…
We have to protect our rights, and not as gay people, but as people that we all are. It Is inconceivable that in 2016, where we have developed so much as human beings, we still have many cases where transgender people cannot find jobs because of how they dress, gay guys and girls are getting fired for just posting their wedding pictures in Facebook; and in certain cases even get beaten up and begging forced to quit their
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