Persuasive Essay On Bathing In Space

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Introduction (128) In the history of human development, human will always explore mysterious zone and investigate unknown phenomenon in their life. That is why human start to explore and discover the celestial objects in space. Due to the “Space Race” in the Cold War in the twentieth-century, the competition between USA and USSR have greatly facilitated space discoveries and achievements. However, lots of challenges of living in space have been discovered in the journey. Nowadays, as there are a demand of exploring new planet due to deterioration of earth niche. The use of science and technology have become a important mission now for scientist to solve basic necessities for living in space. Including eating, toileting , exercising , entertainment, bathing , clothing , sickness , sleeping and cleaning challenges. FOOD To earn a living , food is an essential element to the astronaut.However, there are some challenges of…show more content…
It is suggested to take bath or shower daily in order to maintain good skin hygiene and prevent skin diseases. However, as there are limited water supply, weightless environmental effects and waste management problems, bathing in space is not a easy job for astronauts. In order to provide regular bathing in space, many solution have be discovered by modern science and technologies. Firstly, water recycling system and the use of non-water-rinsed soap and shampoo will maintain a stable water supply by conserving waste and reducing consumption while bathing. Secondly, fixed utensils and pressurized tools will ensure that the water for bathing can be consumed in weightless environment, where floating of tools and unstable water column will be avoided. Finally, water recycling system in the spacecraft conserve water waste while atmosphere provide a medium for waste disposal.. Vaporization and recycling will ensure the liquid waste to be properly managed while bathing in

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