Persuasive Essay On Baby Foster Care

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A baby girl was born premature, a repercussion of the heavy drugs her mother had been using for quite some time. Abandoned by her parents, she was taken by foster care as soon as she was old enough to survive without her mother. For two long years she was starved by her first foster family because they thought she was “too fat”. Sometimes this babys social worker would allow her grandma to visit, and she would bring food to her helpless two year old granddaughter who was so malnourished that she would eat and eat until she threw up. Meanwhile her mother worked to changed her life around, but even years after she sobered up, she could not get custody back. Nevertheless her mom never stopped fighting. She was then moved to another foster home with her brother and sister. The home consisted of a seemingly kind man and woman who lived in a very large house. They had tons of toys for children and seemed like the perfect foster home.…show more content…
As time went on, her foster parents became extremely abusive, especially her foster mother. She was constantly beaten for minor things like wetting the bed. Eventually her brother and sister were transferred to different homes because they were too difficult to handle. At five years of age, her foster father began to sexually abuse her. This continued for three more years, until her mother finally won her back. And although she has taken the best out of her situation, she says that the psychological abuse that her foster parents inflicted upon her will always affect her. This is only one story. Millions of helpless children are going through similar situations. And no doubt they will grow up to have the same stories unless the outlook on foster care is changed and the word is spread about Safe Families for Children(SFFC), the healthy alternative. Compared to Safe Families, Foster Care does not meet the needs for children in the U.S.(experience

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