Persuasive Essay On Augmented Reality

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The world of technology is ever so changing. It has grown to where we have created different realities, both mental and visual. Psychologically speaking, we’ve created worlds and scenarios in which we are “ourselves” are another person and with the introduction and growth of this new technology, we allow for a greater escape from reality. We create new worlds, and/or a new being on the screen that we cannot be certain about something because what we see can be what we think it is. However, the consequences of spending the day in from of the screen are just as difficult to deal with as real life it becomes almost redundant to escape. Although it may seem fun and freeing to be able to have your own persona on a screen, the consequences of spending…show more content…
Most days a person will lock themselves in their room and play games until it becomes necessary to get up. But, there are some games like Pokémon Go that allow for a different kind of reality, an augmented reality. Augmented reality is defined as a live direct or indirect view of physical environments whose elements are augmented by computer-generated or real-world sensory input. And this game uses the phones GPS to track Pokémon while player walks around in real time to catch Pokémon, an animated creature from an anime. This game is different because the player must walk around to capture the Pokémon, however, the game has become obsessive and people have invested so much time in the app that it almost causes people to “forget” the real world. The players are walking around ignoring the world or in the case of the article titled “Pokémon Go players aren’t ignoring reality. We’re changing it” it states, “We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of “autopilot” – the way we completely tune out what we already know how to navigate, driving to work without seeing or remembering what we drive past” (Dodds 3). These players are sitting and walking by each other but not aware that they are there. We are so tuned out that the real world is becoming obsolete and there are dangerous outcomes. Because of this, the chances of walking into the street at the wrong time becomes higher or even, the chances that the person driving is…show more content…
“There are games that go viral overnight, causing people to coop themselves up in their homes for days to play” (Isaac 1). Meaning that more people every day are connected to this technology and losing themselves. But is this a safe thing to be invested in this technology? In a Japanese cartoon, that has been out for years now called “Sword art online”, a mass group of people plays this VR game where they wear a helmet similar to the VR goggles only, every part of them was in the game and they were motionless in real life. In this game, they were transported to medieval times where they chose their alter egos and fought amongst each other. The game, however, took a dangerous turn when someone found out how to control the technology and become a “God”. Consequently, when people would die in the game they were affected the same way in real life. They couldn’t leave the game unless they died, and it went on for years until the boss was beaten, a massive amount of people died because of this and it raises the question. How is it known that people won’t do this in real life? The technology is so faulty and because of the mass group of audience that it attracts can cause someone to do exactly what happened in this cartoon. We are not sure of what can happen and the attraction to such an amount of people can be dangerous in the long
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