Persuasive Essay On Anorexia

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People across the world, even those without televisions, have heard or seen anorexia. Anorexia is a common eating disorder in which someone does not eat because they have a loss of appetite and want to lose weight. Anorexia can lead to thinning of the body, but the rapid loss of weight includes a multitude of health problems. Models are seen on the television, on magazines, on posters, and on billboards. Do these models know that they may be affecting the minds of younger girls? After these young girls see models through the media, they become obsessed with wanting to be as thin as the models. Because anorexia may affect young females medically, the views on a perfect body need to come to an end. The views on a perfect body need to come to an end…show more content…
Why would someone want to be a person with almost zero percent fat on his/her body. According to Carrie Arnold and B. Timothy Walsh, “Unfortunately, many people equate their worth with their weight. Typically, however, the fashion models that display this ‘ideal’ thinness are underweight, and promote an unhealthy image for women and men” (39). As I learned in my medical class, some young girls spend their teenage years trying to be as thin as they can. These girls try to diet, exercise, or even eat less to lose the weight as quickly as they can. The habit of always wanting to lose weight could then lead to an eating disorder. Eating disorders, especially anorexia, are hard to push away. An eating disorder is like a cigarette; both of them are very addictive. According to Janet Bode, “Of those hospitalized for the treatment of anorexia, 38 percent relapse within two years of getting better and have to be hospitalized again” (10). Young girls that have faced the battle with anorexia have to be careful because a slight change in their lives can trigger this horrible eating disorder
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