Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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The door opens and a rescue team walks in looking for animal tested animals. The first dog is female, starved and crawling on her belly towards the group of people. The only thing identifying the dog is the number tattooed to her ear. She is sick with “hookworms, tapeworms, and a vaginal infection, and her teeth were rotted” (Sherrow). The female dog is one of nearly 250 cats and dogs that were taken from an animal testing place. The animals were tested on by the Professional Laboratory and Research Service, Inc. who were paid by Pharmaceutical companies. The companies paid for the laboratory to infect the cat and dogs with worms, fleas, and ticks and then test new products on the animals. The workers of the testing facility would kick, throw…show more content…
If one animal can be experimented on, then all animals should be able to be experimented on. Humans are so willing to make exceptions to their rules. People are fine with eating some animals, but they throw a big fit when others are eaten. There are large areas of grey for what can be experimented on and what can be eaten. Household animals are also criticized for what they eat even if it is what they would have eaten in the natural environment. People believe it is fine to give cats meat related food, but it is not acceptable to give snakes kittens (Herzog, 243-244). Even when a snake will never eat as much meat as a cat will, it is still perceived as bad. The reality is both creatures are meant to eat meat, but one is "cute" and "cuddly" while the other is "scary" and "gross". People make exceptions to the rules when it does not fit with their ideas. Mice and rats can be experimented on because they are vermin, but chimpanzees have emotions and feelings. A person does not think about how these different standards can inflict pain on animals. It is considered wrong to eat a monkey because they can feel pain, yet they do not consider how pain is felt by a lobster (Wallace, 503,504). Lobsters may not have a "brain" but their nerve receptors are still there and functioning. All animals feel pain; it is just a matter of whether a person can see it or not. Mankind needs to figure out…show more content…
They believe it is acceptable to have a loophole or exceptions to the rules when it does not fit their ideas and beliefs. Testing on certain animals are fine, but household pets should not have to be subjected to research. This idea creates more trouble than good. With the double standards a majority of rats and mice are treated lowly in test labs. An animal 's rights should not be different from each other. If should not just apply to animals who look a certain way. Animals who are small and have at reproducing should not be the only animals suffering. The double standards put on animals is hurting the research developed by testing facilities. Animal testing is needed to advance the well-being of mankind since there is no other alternative. Humans need to make concrete rules and regulations that apply to every species of animal so that the ethical debate stops. Animal testing is not going away. It just needs to be

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