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Alternatives to College As high schoolers, we 're constantly juggling a lot of big responsibilities, from academic pressure from our parents to social pressure from our friends to act cool, wear the right clothes, and listen to the right music. It can be really overwhelming, and then, to top it off, is that goal in the distance that we 're told we must want: go to college. Day in and day out we hear that if we don 't go to college we are doomed to not have a career or a purpose in life, be poor for the rest of our lives, and be an embarrassment to our families. This focus on college is unfounded and unfair. We shouldn 't be given just one choice in high school — instead, we should be provided with alternatives to college in case we don 't…show more content…
We 're told to follow a path that will make us owe money for quite possibly the rest of our lives! Again, look at what the experts have to say: a 2009 report by the U.S. Department of Education says that the average price of a four-year degree — meaning money for classes, food, and rent — is $22,000 every year. Sound like a lot? It gets worse. Multiply that by four, and you 've got $88,000 total. Ok, that sounds like a lot but everyone gets a job and makes good money, right? Bad news again: the average starting salary, according to that same study, is $32,000. It doesn 't take a math whiz to figure out that if you take out a lot of loans, you 'll spend most of your life paying them back, and so you won 't do the things you really want to do. I 'm not just talking about artists, musicians, and actors. Do you really think that people who took risks in business when they were young could have done that if they had to deal with paying back all those loans? I seriously doubt…show more content…
What should schools offer, if not all college-prep courses? The answer is job training. As I said earlier, our society needs mechanics, bakers, waiters, and computer technicians, and plenty of people, at the age of 18, already know they 're interested in doing jobs like that, making money out in the world instead of spending it on college. So why not provide them in high school with the skills they need to get jobs like that, and connect them with employers who are looking for enthusiastic young people? That 'd be awesome for everyone. If you look at Europe, which has a lot of programs like that that are called trade schools, you can see how well it works. The United Nations, which people trust, wrote a report in 2007 called, "Training Youth — A Comparative Study." It showed that in countries as different as Finland, Bulgaria, and England, trade schools make up 20% of the student population, and as the writers of the report say, these schools work: "When you look at these programs and their high rate of placement, then compare them with the results of students going to college, you can conclude that they have a great deal of merit" (UN Study on Trade Schools 34). I think this is excellent

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