Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

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You sit in the driver’s seat of your automobile, inserting the ignition key and turning over the car, a circuit is made activating the battery and motor, injecting gasoline and ethanol into your vehicles engine. As the spark plugs flash with heat and energy igniting the fuel, your engine roars, and pushes the burned exhaust out of the muffler and into the air. The same air that you, your children, pets, neighbors, friends, and family must all breathe in. Your family coughs as they breathe in the newly expelled carbon monoxide, and they wave goodbye to you before your morning commute. You arrive at work, and gather your tools for maintaining the engines that power the desalinization machines. Gallon after gallon of fuel is burned fueling the…show more content…
You may be wondering, what is pollution? defines it as, “the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment”. With that being said we need to take a look at the different forms of pollution and how they occur. The pollution of the atmosphere (air) is one of the most evident in our world today. If you look at highly industrialized cities such as Los Angeles, or Beijing, you will probably notice the thick layer of smoke surrounding them. This is smog. Smog is a harmful mixture of toxic gases typically composed of CO (carbon monoxide) gas, carbon, and sulfur particles. This smog is the exhaust from machines that require the burning of non-renewable gasses and liquids such as gasoline, diesel, butane, and methane (natural gas). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms as “flu-like”, with an expanded list of symptoms such as, “headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion” more information is given on their article titled “What is Carbon…show more content…
The Institute for Energy Research says, "[only 0.4% of the U.S. electricity comes from the sun, it is still a growing industry, as many homes and companies are installing solar panels, to save money, and the environment.]" In general, the panels use the gamma rays from the sun and change it to an usable form of energy. When sunlight hits the surface of a panel, the energy is transmitted through tiny photosensitive cells within the panel, and are directed to a central grid, and into this power grid to be used within the home, or facility. Energy technicians install and repair solar panels for both commercial and domestic clients. In larger facilities they also do inspections, overseeing, and efficiency reports. New clean energy is the answer to a clean, biologically safe way of life and planet earth. Automobiles, Aircrafts, large scale manufacturing, agriculture, and more will be not only clean, and safe, but affordable and efficient as well. In order or this to become a reality, this planet needs renewable energy scientists, engineers, and technicians to discover new ways to effectively generate clean energy, in a practical and affordable

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