Persuasive Essay On After School Programs

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There is no doubt that education is one of the most important factors that influence development of individuals, personally and socially. By obtaining an education people become capable of developing the necessary skills to be successful and live productive lives. It has been established that education gives people the knowledge and tools they will need to be eligible for well-paying jobs. Unfortunately, in the United States many high school students fail to graduate every year and mostly drop out of school when they are close to graduating. For many years the US led the world in high school graduations, however, the US now ranks “21st globally among developed nations” around the globe (OECD countries). Currently, three European countries lead…show more content…
In many studies it has been proven that after school programs are beneficial to students as it provides students many opportunities to get involve with the school in a safe and academically engaging environment. When students get involve in extracurricular activities in school, it prevents students from engaging in deleterious behavior outside of school, while minimizing the time students spend outside of school in the streets under the bad influence it might have on students, “ASPs create an avenue through which schools and communities collaborate to structure activities and supervise youth after school, which thereby reduces the amount of time youth are unsupervised and associated opportunities for delinquency,” especially in urban places such as Camden City with a high crime rate (Cross et al). In specific, tutoring programs have helped students that are struggling academically. Also, tutoring programs for those students that are struggling academically will be a very effective way to increase test and quizzes scores, which according to recent standardized testing students in Camden lack efficiency in math and language arts. Tutoring programs such as strategic tutoring, which helped students that were struggling academically and were receiving low tests and quizzes scores prior to the
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