Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. ( For years, especially in recent years, pro-life and pro-choice advocates have went head to head in the debate of whether abortion should be legal or not. Roe v. Wade was the case in which the Supreme Court made their decision on state abortion laws. To resolve the issue by any constitutional measurement, it had to be free of emotion and of predilection. It is undeniable that abortions performed before the first recognizable movement of the fetus was not an unlawful offense, and this is usually from the sixteenth to the eighteenth week of a pregnancy. (The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-life! Vs. Pro-choice!)…show more content…
An unwanted vibe from the parents can do serious mental and emotional damage to a child if it is actually born. ( Of course everyone always says “What about adoption?” but adoption isn’t an alternative because statistics show that very few mothers choose to give up their baby after they’ve already went through the emotional and physical pain of actually having it. ( In any case of rape or incest, forcing the pregnant woman to keep the baby would cause her psychological harm because she would remember the violent act every single time she looked down at her pregnant belly, and every time she saw her child. (The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-life! Vs Pro-choice!) Teenage pregnancy can affect a life drastically, when it can easily be prevented. When you’re in your teenage years, you can barely stand on your own two feet, and can’t take care of a child. Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of their education, don’t have a way to receive proper prenatal care, rely on the government to raise the child, are more susceptible to substance abuse in the future, and are more likely to divorce in their future marriage. ( If abortion were made illegal, more forms of alternative ways of terminating the pregnancy would become popular again, and do way more harm than having abortions legal and obtainable to women in need of…show more content…
(Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Moral Issues) Those who support pro-life view abortion as murder since life begins at the moment of conception, and punishment for these actions should be required. Though, fertilized eggs that are used for vitro fertilization that are not implanted are routinely thrown away.( Therefore, if human life occurs at conception, then isn’t this murder, and if not, then how is abortion murder? Pro-life activists make the argument of other options such as adoption and other forms of contraception as an alternative to abortion. Although, nearly all women who forego the procedure of an abortion were already on a form of contraception drug, so the baby is clearly unwanted. Adoption isn’t the same as an abortion, because it should be the woman’s choice on if she wants to put her body through the stresses of a pregnancy. Also, many women who have their babies don’t just give them up for adoption, and in both cases, the child is bound to feel unwanted at some point.
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