Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Many people are against abortions because it is unmoral, however, many fetuses have gone through this horrible procedure. In the 14th amendment, it states that a woman has the right to determine whether or not to bear a child. Abortion isn’t the only answer to get rid of a “problem” that happened. People have to think that adoption is always an option for a couple or even a single mother. The fetus is human and has human characteristics just like a human being. Somebody has to speak up for the fetus’s since they don’t have a voice or opinion in this world.
In December 2015, a California surrogate mother was carrying triplets and the biological parents demanded that the surrogate mother terminated the female fetus. The biological parents were
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Wade case in 1973, it was ruled unconstitutional a state law that banned abortions except to save the life of the mother” (par. 1). The court states that abortions were outlawed during the first trimester of the pregnancy. The abortion regulations could only pertain to the mother’s health in the second and third trimesters and an exception had to be made to protect the mother’s life. I can understand where the medical staff would want to save the mother’s life in a life-threatening situation. However, the medical staff should do everything in their power to prevent them from doing the abortion, no matter what the mother wants to do. I know by going against the mother’s wishes wouldn’t be right, however, an abortion is immoral. Adoption is always an option if the mother doesn’t want her child. Abortion is legal in the United States, however, that doesn’t make it…show more content…
In the uterine aspiration a suction machine, which consists of a plastic instrument at the end of a hose, is used to suction out the fetus from the mother. This type of procedure usually happens before week 12 and is a slight chance of infection with this method. The saline abortion is performed later in the pregnancy. In this procedure, fluid is inserted into the amniotic sac, which allows the woman to go into labor and delivers the dead fetus. Some psychological problems may occur during this type of abortion. Another type of abortion is a hysterotomy. During this procedure, the woman is given a small caesarean section to be performed and the fetus is removed. The only problem with this procedure is after a person has one caesarean section, they will have to continue having C-sections for their future pregnancies. Partial birth abortion is done during the fifth month of gestation and is only done for serious situations, such as health and mental health of the mother, or if the fetus has been found to be dead, malformed, or suffering from a serious defect. The surgeon begins to insert sharp objects to take the fetus apart and then vacuums it out. Self-induced abortions are the most dangerous of all because they are not done under medical supervision. The mother and the fetus can undergo serious complications that can kill both of them. The self-induced abortion is the only abortion that is not
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