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Society makes it hard for women to have a fair choice when it comes to abortion. How would it feel? To be pressured into making a decision that is hard to make. How would it feel? Having no other option, but still getting judged. How would it feel? Being too young for a responsibility, but being forced to do it. How would it feel? To be judged for a decision, when no one has any idea of what happened. Women who face abortion go through this everyday. While the issue of abortion continues to be divided, women should be able to chose freely based on their home life, their right to adoption, and knowing that’s best for themselves. Women who have issues at home are not ready to have children. A major factor that affects the home life is inadequate…show more content…
Another issue is when the mother is too young to have a child. The abortion rate in Canada for being too young is 11%. (Why Woman Choose Abortion , n.d.) “Teenagers who become mothers have grim prospects for the future. They are much more likely to leave of school; receive inadequate prenatal care; rely on public assistance to raise a child; develop health problems; or end up divorced”. (Arguments For and Against Abortion, 2009) This quote explains the major problems that can occur when being too young for such a responsibility. If the mother were to leave school before she finished this could result in obtaining a poor job, which can effect the babies home life due to inadequate funds. Not only would it effect the baby’s life, but it can negatively impact the mother’s life too. At a young age, it is also hard for the father to accept such a responsibility and can even end up not wanting to support it. This relationship problem can cause other problems like stress at home or more work for the mother. If the young mother has this issue, she will not be able to have the proper support to work on her education or even…show more content…
Unfortunately, according to Adoptions in Canada, out of the 60% of pregnancies, only a low 2% of all pregnancies end up setting the child up for adoption. (Adoptions in Canada, n.d.) This may be due to how hard it can be to go through with adoption. Although that being said, they may not know how adoption can be very helpful. Adoption is a good option because it still gives the child a chance to live. Life is a precious gift and should not be taken lightly. Why take away a life that hasn’t had a chance to even live yet? Life is God’s gift and the baby doesn’t exactly have a voice to stop the abortion. Knowing that the mother gave her child that chance will help her not feel guilty about anything. Health Guidance say that abortion can cause stress and depression due to the overwhelming guilt. This can effect the mother’s life and even her future choice of wanting children. (Ladock, Jason, n.d.) Another important factor when it comes to adoption is giving a child to a family who cannot conceive. In many cases, women who are wanting children, unfortunately have problems with their uterus. Giving a child to raise as their own is a special kind of gift to those women who are ready to start a bigger family. There can also be a problem where they are problems after she decides to have an abortion which can frighten future mothers. This can be troubling because it

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